Six Three Oh in the Six Oh Three

Noelle Delivers Munchkins to the Gazebo at 6:30 am.



That’s my alarm at 5:30...on Saturday. At some point last week I mentioned to the girls that we have a free week and it would be great if they could run hills on Saturday - any chance some of us could meet? Alas, three members had work (at the three competing grocery stores in Concord), so what do they decide? Run early enough so that Kristie can make it to work by about 6:30? It didn’t occur to me that it might be an elaborate prank until I was driving out of my driveway in the dark. A beautiful sunrise greeted me as I headed south, and then walked toward the Gazebo. No prank, all 7 varsity girls showed up, on time, plus our intrepid injured captain Miranda.

No ordinary hills today either, the decision was made to run “crazy hills”, one of our signature workouts. A few less than normal, but hey, it’s 6:30 in the morning! All in all it was a wonderful way to start the day! A video is being created, stay tuned for that! As I told the girls when we started, no one can question their motivation or dedication after a 6:30 am hill workout. Boys, the gauntlet has been thrown, it’s your turn!