New England Cross Country Mud Championships


The year of the mud. Divisionals were muddy, Meet of Champions were muddier, and New Englands were muddiest! A soggy two weeks plus drenching rain the night before made the Derryfield course a veritable slip and slide. We actually dug holes for Sophia and David to put their feet into at the start - for Sophia, she ended up putting her back foot in it because the line was gone and everyone took an extra step forward. Regardless, it worked and both got off the line cleanly.

The boys were the first to race, and DRen’s last XC race in an MV uniform. What a career, capped off with a DIvison II State Title! Although the conditions put his final goal of setting the MV Derryfield course record out of reach, he still ran a superb race and actually came within 2 seconds of his DII time, placing 38th in 16:46.


Sophia raced next, with a singular goal of placing as the top NH runner. We figured if she focused on that one thing that would put her in position to accomplish our other, not-really-spoken-out-loud goal of a top 3 finish. The best finish at NE’s in MVXC history was 14th, twice, by Brianna Tevnan in 2008 and 2009. By virtue of a great start and breaking free early, which gave her a clear view with which to choose her path through the mud and puddles, she accomplished both goals, claiming runner-up status in only her first year in an MV uniform.

DRen, MRen, and SRen all look to continue their season in two weeks at Footlocker Regionals in NY. It ain’t over yet!