Home Meet #1 - 9/5/18


Thermometers broke, snow plows were put into use to push aside the humidity, vacation ads were created touting “Visit New Hampsha’, The New Tropics!”, and cross country runners ran. With the shimmering heat mirage spectators could be forgiven for thinking the finish of the boys race was a visual trick on the eyes; was that two Merrimack Valley boys crossing the line at the same time? Or one reflected? And what about that 5th MV guy? Didn’t he already cross two minutes ago? And in the girls race people were left wondering if everyone else took a wrong turn after a two plus minute gap after MV’s number one, and another two minute gap after MV’s number two. Maybe it’s just home course advantage? The results will show.


In all seriousness, no records were going to be broken given the fearsome double H’s - Heat and Humidity. However, everyone showed up excited to crank out a three mile run at home, heat be...darned. A small meet to get the kinks out of the system, only Plymouth and John Stark were expected, and surprise! Actually it’s Plymouth and Lebanon. No worries though, and the girls race got off on time.

After cranking a fast first mile each, race leaders Sophia and Emma both decided to back off a bit, perhaps finally realizing that yes, it is hot. Not long after, Maizie, followed by the threesome of Maddie, Katie, and Tristan rolled through. The heat did claim one victim on the day, however, as Tristan appeared under the tent before the race was over. Likely a very smart move. The race finished in the same order, with Sophia going two for two as a high schooler, Emma besting everyone except Sophia by almost two minutes, Maizie turning in another great hot weather performance, and Maddie and Katie staying solid to finish the scoring. Overall, the girls just missed winning as a team, finishing just behind Plymouth.


For the boys race, no one quite knew what to expect as the Reynolds brothers were left to their own devices. Were they going to pace each other, or was it every Reynolds for himself? And where is Christian…? With Coach Irving confusing all spectators and probably everyone except DRen by cheering for NAU (a NCAA XC reference - I’ll explain if you ask), the brothers Ren. paired up for the entire race, winning by a comfortable minute, giving the family THREE victories in just two races. Not a common thing to happen. Meanwhile, in the trenches...Ethan was having the race of the day. In about 10th at the mile mark, he began picking off runners in the middle mile, moving all the way up to 5th. Then, with a tremendous kick at the line, he flew into 4th. Connor was a dependable 4th place finisher for the team, while Elisha in only his second race ever placed as MV’s 5th man, securing the win for the team, and giving us two sets of twins in the top five. As I write this, I realize there is an asterix...we had 5 twins in the top 5. Confused? Connor is a twin! What a great factoid this is! By the way, Christian was found later, running and cheering along his teammates.

All in all, it was a great day, with surprisingly good results for the weather, and great attitudes all around! The weather looks great for Great Glen on Saturday, our first invitational. Go MVXC!